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havar-abbas: 23.

23: What is your sexuality?

Why are you even askin me this -_-

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Personal Questions
Anonymous: I want to become muslim but I feel myself holding back. I feel bad about it.

Then feel better and convert 😊
Don’t be to hard on yourself. This religion won’t let you down inshallah.

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Anonymous: So I'm not a hijabi but I'm still conservative but I'm kinda a bigger (curvier?) girl. Can you help?

Skirts and long cardigans should be your best friends. I’m talking about cardigans that are maxi: floor length. You want something that em compliments you rather then box you so try and avoid maxi dresses. Or go with high lows and leggings :)

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Anonymous: You had an accident? Oh no! Hope you're all good now!

Yes I am. Alhamdulilah :)

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Anonymous: Where do you get your clothing? your style is to die for

I shop at the mall :) whatever I see if I like it I buy it (if I can afford it).

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Anonymous: I see everyone saying Happy Eid. Does that mean your fast is over?

Ramadan ends tomorrow! ITS EIIIDDDDD

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Anonymous: can you please tell me where i can get a kefiyeh hijab

It’s a regular kiffyeh that I folded in half and wore as a hijab by wrapping it around my head once :)

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EID MUBARAK!!!! Thank you!

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Anonymous: I know it is hard believe me I do but it is sunnah to be happy on Eid's day and to wear your best clothes,perfume and to enjoy Eid the best you can <3

My mom just told me this bum changing my eid out fit. I need something more appropriate. Dedicating this Eid to my homeland ❤️

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