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Can I just say hoodjab has the cutest voice and I’m proud of her and I’m sorry I haven’t called you back yet bae but keep your head up bc I have some encouraging ass words coming your way tomorrow iA.

OMG I was gonna say the same about you!!!! Right when I heard you pick up the phone and say ASALAMUALAIKUM! I was like OMG HER VOICE IS SO CUTE. Lol. Love you so much.

I hate snapchat

Anonymous: when you invest in daily liners, don't u have to use it everyday then? thats too much money hahah :( uggh sometimes it sucks being a girl man

Well no, but if you need them everyday… Then I guess it’s a investment for you :(

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Anonymous: Which side do you support in Egypt? And (not to offend you in any way) do you know how many people died. I think way too much

…:/ I’m to upset to talk about this. Forgive me

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Anonymous: What's your favorite online hijab store? I want to wear hijabs but they are pricey.

I dont order hijabs offline WAYYYY to expensive

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Anonymous: Salams can you paste the Arabic you have as your blog title? I want to use it but I don't know where to find it

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Anonymous: LOL @ the vaginal discharge anons. i suggest ppl invest in some daily liners that you can wear instead of having to change your undies every 2 minutes (theyre like really thin pads for everyday use)

Yoooo I use those. They are super comfy. Actually it feels like nothing is there.

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lil-watan: For the anon that asked about the makeup: LUSH cosmetics completely supports Palestine and sends them money. Plus their makeup is handmade and natural :)


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Anonymous: I don't think vaginal discharge breaks wudhu. It's your vagina cleaning it's self out being like "heeeey let me join'' but yeah you may want to change your undies if just to be more comfortable

Lmao ok I laughed way to hard reading this

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Anonymous: you are one beautiful lady. From what I see on Tumblr, I mean both internally and externally. ♡♡

😊😊😊😊😊 thanks hun

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Anonymous: I know that all Estée Lauder brands support Israel! Just thought I'd let you know for that anon who asked. It's really sad thinking I've put money into these brands when they support such horrendous people. :(

Ugh I know :((((

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Anonymous: Can you do wudhu with vaseline on?

You guys I’m not a shaykha. I have no idea.

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Anonymous: no it doesnt break wuduu, vaginal discharge is normal and a faint flow is healthy. The only thing from the vagina that breaks wuduu is discharge from an orgasm

Ok there ya go anon :)

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a-girl-from-malta: This is a huge tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favourite followers and remember don’t break the chain (◕‿◕✿)

Ok I am usually anti touching but come here lemme hug you 

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