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Ok I have one last message that split into 2 message in my ask box. I am going to answer that along with anything else i get tonight, allll tomorrow! I am exhausted and have finals. Take care everyone. Good luck on exams! :D

Anonymous: i was raised muslim and i wear a hijab, but at the same time i dont consider myself the most religious person- as in, i dont act the way most people expect a hijabi to act. i wear makeup and tight clothes, i want to date, and i dont believe that premarital relationships aren't the end all be all of your deen. its already hard enough being muslim in america, but when other muslims judge me for not being muslim enough for them, its makes me really angry.

I love this message so much because you are like my mini me. I swear this was me, once upon a time. You’ll be ok mini Malak. Before I give you my advice: I wanna say this; First to my self before anyone else. Just because.

Ok here I go

WEARING HIJAB DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE PERFECT. The reason hijab is fard (obligatory) is because it isn’t meant for perfect people. Since none of us are perfect. Hijab is meant to be your Jihad. Anger is a secondary emotion which means it is deriving from either hurt, or disappointment. Im gonna make a quick guess you are disappointed with yourself which is making you hurt. (Because thats how I felt, so I am going to assume that you are the same). Just because it angers you don’t let it discourage you from your hijab. Always keep trying. Thats a very strong key in Islam. Those who repent are even better then those who are perfect. Its all about your intentions honey, and let me your intentions are short sight right now. You are looking at flimsy relationships that wont do you any good what so ever. The reason marriage completes half your deen is because you take your deen with you in the akhira. So if you aren’t even looking at how your actings RIGHT NOW are affecting you for your akhira I suggest you start thinking about it. Its scary and it seems like a depth of emptiness but you and I both know that it.is.real. So just because you aren’t (in your opinion) ‘the best candidate’ for hijab then who is? The ONLY qualification to wear hijab is to be able to menstruate. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE THIS HOLY RELIGIOUS PERSON TO WEAR HIJAB. OMG. I tell people this all the time (yes you do represent muslims blah blah thats a different convo) but the point is that you may do ALLLL these other wrong things, but at least you do this one thing right. Prayer is Fard, yet we miss so many of them. Thats because prayer is meant for those who aren’t perfect, those who are repenters, US. Take advantage homegirl. As for your clothing and makeup, I am going to answer this strangely for someone who works with makeup and is studying fashion. 

Give it up.

Dont let it become an excuse for you. I could go on and on about how important islam recognizes fashion and being well put, but never use it as an excuse. Like I said Hijab is your jihad and for a lot of girls its giving up their western idea of beauty. But if you are going to use it to empower you and make you more confident when you are presented to people then go ahead, but never start giving yourself excuses.

About other people judging you for not being muslim enough for them. Ignore them. Its cliche but its all you got. Don’t let it anger you, because you will only hurt yourself. Always pray for protection. omg if theres anything I make dua about most its protection. You must always make dua for protection from others and jahnam. Allah Swt is your only judger, when you please him, trust me you will be living the best life ever.

I feel like this all sounds really harsh and rude,but I believe its a lot that needs to be said. i figured this all out on my own when I was stuck like you. No one explained anything to me, and I suffered and made some stupid mistakes and I still do. If you need to screen shot this message, print it out, write it down. DO IT! Every little step you take, Allah Swt comes running to you. Trust me I know how you feel. This works. 

I’m living proof.

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Anonymous: do i still have to wear a hijab if im on birth control so im not like menstruating anymore. ive menstruated before but just not anymore because of my meds. do i still have to wear my hijab?????

Yes you do have to still wear hijab wether or not you are menstruating. So many muslim women who wear hijab are on birth control. Just because it become mandatory to wear it as you begin, doesn’t mean you take it off as you stop. Heres how it works in Islam: Once you begin menstruating you are now considered an adult. Once a boy hits puberty (And you all know what I mean) you are now judged as an adult by your actions in front of Allah swt. So you are now an adult, thats literally all the significance is. So even if you are controlling wether or not you can get pregnant or for bad cramps/hormone issues. It doesn’t matter you are still considered an adult muslimah and hijab is mandatory for you. Take care (:

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I am getting sooo many messages. Can y’all wait until like tomorrow or when I say it’s ok to send them? I’m really tired and I’m determined to answer almost everything tonight but I’m getting like dozens of messages every ten minutes please slow it down.

Anonymous: Have you ever been to a dermatologist? I'm going for the first time this weekend, my skin is sucks. I've had acne for such a long time.

Yeah I used to go to one. Tbh they can take ur money and give you basic medicine that ur clinic doctor can give you. Like every dermatologist I’ve gone to. I noticed had tried starting me off with the same meds. I have a list of everything I’ve tried that has worked and hasn’t. But yeah for you you’re gonna have to mess around see what works. Piece of advise: pull through with the meds. It’s a long process and it doesn’t always work but ya gotta do it. Be patient and don’t try to rush it. I still have shitty skin but that’s because of other reasons. Anyways I totally know how you feel, good luck!

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Anonymous: Hey hoodjab, I really want to turn Islamic but I'm worried what my parents will say and what are the benefits from being Islamic? Can I still wear whatever I want ? Do you think I should turn?

Becoming more religious isn’t like dying your hair a different color. Should I go brunette or blonde?! You have to have that drive within you. And you already have it you just have your self walking on ice. Which is ok. Most likely your parents will come to turns to it. You can sit with them and explain your desire and they usually will go along with you. So don’t worry much about your parents. And you should be able to wear what you want but tbh it matters what your definition of that is. If you are a woman then wearing hijab is mandatory after you’ve started menstrauting which I think you know this. This might take you some time to accustom to. But don’t take any extreme steps just slow baby steps. If you are a guy then just work on your actions with other people especially woman. Well I mean that’s not religion that’s just common courtesy. But what on saying is if you are vulgar tone it down. Ya like I said baby steps! Talk to your parents :)

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huyeen: what lip color are you wearing? :)

NYX matte Transylvania!

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Anonymous: You claim you're a freelance makeup artist but you're really not so why do you front to your tumblr followers? No offense or anything. But thats just some fucked up shiiii

Well I’m kinda noob Tbh. I didn’t get the job I wanted so now I just do whomever a makeup is willing to pay me. Not tryna be fancy or anything. BUT I will give credit to myself for knowing a good amount of knowledge on the arts of makeup :) :) sorry for the wrong idea before. Didn’t mean to come on strong. Thanks for telling me!

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Anonymous: Salam nigga

Don’t say nigga. It’s a derogatory term and the fact you said peace be upon you right before it doesn’t help. Stop it.

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Anonymous: Habibti you're my inspiration

So encouraging to hear this :*

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thisismymindokay: I don't even understand why people send you horrible messages. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. Ignore the idiots. ♥♥♥


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Anonymous: I just want to say that you are really prettttyyyy

I just wanna say thank you lovvvaaaa!!!!

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Anonymous: i hate you how you set with boys And also Christians You really do not have any morals You are very ugly I do not think you know Islam   You do not have any morals or Modesty fuck you and fuck that Negro And that Christian White fuck your dad Because you are his daughter

I sit next to these guys in my design class I obviously know them. People take a joke. And I am not discriminatory against other religious and the other sex. Get your self together.

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